Monday, December 8, 2008

The Twenty Fifth: Sexist Language

"Gender-neutral language, gender-inclusive language, or gender neutrality is language use that aims at minimizing assumptions regarding the gender, or biological sex, of human referents. For example, this may include replacing words such as chairman and stewardess with terms such as chairperson and flight attendant."
Does anyone feel this is as much bullshit as I do? Really, that sounds so fucking complicated. You know what else is complicated...
A note on a paper: To avoid the “him/her,” “he/she” clutter, make the initial noun plural so you can use a plural pronoun to replace it.
My god why is that necessary? Must we always speak of many people and leave out the individual for fear of offending some with different body parts? ...if that's what defines gender anyway. What about the transgendered?
I propose to clear up the confusion that we eliminate the word woman and all its conjugations. Woman, woman is what's really the problem here. Not only do we have male and female classifications of the human race, for taxonomic reasons, but also the more commonly used social groupings of Man, and Woman. It's unnecessary and only further separates 'the sexes', making woman no more than a slightly altered form of man. As the years go on we see the groupings falling to shambles ever so slowly. Bit by bit our common perceptions of gender are being blurred and changed to include a whole range of individuals with unique characteristics and sexual orientations. Soon I hope there will be no more need for these labels, and humans will be humans. It is in that time when we can proudly state that the person who delivers my mail and has big tatas is my Mailman. Yeah this has a good point but I'm tired and finding it hard to make a dignified case.
Anyhow - my point stands! Eliminating the word Woman and all its conjugations (women, she, her, herself, etc.) is much simpler than tiptoeing around archaic ideas with complicated language. Come on! Then we can't complain anymore about the plight of woman, or tumble over ourselves to live up to the idea of woman. No longer will I be held down by the chains of owning a vagina!
Eh, one can wish.
Goodnight folks!

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