Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Twenty Third: Thank You James

There are daemons in my belly, twisting and turning fighting their battles for supreme control of my flesh, I scream I cry I punch walls, but mostly I sit, and whimper and try not to feel them as individuals, only one who is me. Virgin soil warring troops and heavy weeping sky tumbling through life, stumbling as cannon fire makes a pretty sunrise. Gaea struggles as the battlefield of her body dances on. Each trembling breath a puppet of fate.


Eyes close, mind spits more than ears can hear, than body can handle. Imperfect computer your facts are flawed. Can we please be quiet now my god these picture shows and animations are unholy nothings. You're steeling my moments. Shiny metal claws corroded pick me up carry me into the distance far from the very essence of being alive. More than I can count on ten fingers ten toes ten fold hours this little life you've stolen my mind


Bankers, leave your banks
Lawyers, let 'lone the law
Builders, build your own houses
Men, answer the call

Mailmen, set free your mail for the wild things to read
Teachers, leave your chalk
Students, leave your seats
Men, begin to walk, begin to live
Begin to breathe

Your modern condition is nothing more than a disease, so
Doctors treat your neighbors, treat yourselves
and be free
Use those hands for working
sharing wisdom
building dreams


Thanks James for writing so honestly and writing things that inspire, whether or not you intend them to. All that came out of my head today was murky and dark but it feels good to have things moving on a page unforced.

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