Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Twenty Fourth: Sunday

Shit Sunday is long and dull. Usually I'm fine, peachy on the weekends. However, my mother has been watching tv non-stop since three o'clock. It's 8 now. Jesus christ. Before that I was watching a movie, that means the TV has been on and chirping away for seven hours. Shit. Goddamnit. I should have left here hours ago.
I could have gone to the garden.
I could have sat freezing with the kitties.
Yeah. Or I could go to my appartment. But its pretty cold there in there too this time of year. My only heater seems to be reaching the end of its lifespan. In the evenings it never gets above 65 in there. I've taken to sleeping with a heating pad tucked under the blankets. Quite a fire hazard I believe. I need a puppy to keep me warm. Or a bigger bed and a... nevermind.
This brings me to a really cool thought though. Wouldn't it be awesome to have 2 big beds side by side - taking up an entire half of my appartment. I could have whole parties just on the beds. Mmmm like a bouncy room. I also dig being really high up, so the beds would have to be very lofty. Instead of wasting money and space on spring box things, I was thinking you built a frame a few feet off the ground, then threw the matresses on top, you could totally have a fort underneath! If I ever get to live somewhere with a built in fort there will be a smile on my face all the time. All the time. Mmmm. "Party in the fort 10 o'clock!"
This is helping somewhat. You know I could have hung out with a friend... aw but yesterday (and this morning) was pleanty enough social contact for the entire weekend. Being um, an introvert (?) or uh whatever I am can be silly sometimes.
To quote the ever usefull Wikipedia "[Introverts] tend to have smaller circles of friends, and are less likely to thrive on making new social contacts. They generally do not need to seek out excitement in others because they are already stimulated with their own thoughts and imagination." I suppose that's just about right. Although I love being around people I can only handle it in ratios of about 2 hours of just me to 3 hours of me + others.
Ok I've had it with the television, and short of shooting the damn thing out the next best course of action is to retire to my room. Adios!

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